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World Gold Mining

World Gold Mining

We introduce you — Guinea Conakry, one of the richest countries in the world
in the terms of natural gold reserves

It is profitable to mine gold in Guinea, because through the territory of Guinea lies the so-called gold ore belt of Falem. It runs from northwest Africa to the southeast and includes rich gold deposits. The main gold deposits in Guinea are located in the north-east of the country.

The main gold mining in the country was started in the 80s. The volume of gold mined is small relative to other countries, but there area huge reserves of gold.

Today Guinea gives from 8 to 11% of world gold production. Very low tax of 3% and good investment climate in the country.

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World Gold Mining
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Leaders from top Political, Business and Financial Institutions


Lansana Kourouma

Chairman of the Guinean Importers Association, the leadin businessman in the Guinean fuel industry


Charles Toure

Deputy Minister of Population Protection (PROTECTION CIVILE), adviser of Guinean President Office


Djiba Camara

МВА, TConnet Group SARL Co-founder and CEO

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